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with much passion, precision and skill in our own studio.
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Paluga Art & Decoration

Our collections are characterized by a special finish and finishing touch. We developed the techniques involved ourselves. We draw inspiration from weathered, corroded materials from nature and other effects of aging and wear. Using special painting techniques and unique raw materials the desired effects are achieved. Thanks to the Paluga technique all designs acquire a character all their own, which makes each handmade or hand-crafted product unique.

Hand-crafted animal skulls

The collection of (real) animal skulls was treated with very special, exclusive metal pigments, and again with our own technique. Only this technique gives the skulls a very special metal effect such as gold, silver, tin, copper or bronze. The lustrous sheen thus created is slightly mitigated through an aging effect, creating a more antique appearance. This lends the hand-processed animal skulls an interesting and exclusive appearance and makes it a very special object of art.

Unique wall decoration

The art collection of Paluga Art & Decoration consists of exclusive, handmade wall panels or paintings with, for instance, classic designs, images of animals and also portraits. These wall panels are made of wood, treated with special painting techniques and finished with a kind of cement. All details of the design are made and colored with care and precision. The relief thus created and the special painting technique applied result in spectacular color reflections and make a real showpiece for your interior.

Special handmade furniture

Paluga Art &Decoration has been creating special pieces of furniture for many years. Our furniture collection consists of cabinets, commodes, side tables and dressers, and various tables. All furniture is designed by us and manufactured in our own studio.

Folding screens

Various techniques are used for making folding screens. For instance, we can create a metal effect manually, apply relief or first a metal appearance and then apply a hand- painted pattern. Folding screens come in three or more parts, equipped with special hinges so they fold both ways.